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Insurance Made Simple

We believe that the better educated you are on insurance the better you'll be able to make the best decisions about you insurance needs. That's why we've created this resource section. It's here to educate you on insurance and provide you with the resources you will need to select the right plan for you and your family. If the internet doesnt answer all of your questions or you are still confused, we are here to help!

Common Insurance Terms


  • AEP - Annual Enrollment Period

  • APTC: Advance Premium Tax Credit - A tax credit determined by the Department of Health and Welfare to lower the monthly cost of premiums for Insurance plans sold through Your Health Idaho.

  • CMS: Center (for) Medicare (& Medicaid) Services

  • CSR: Cost-sharing Reduction - A discount that lowers the amount you pay out-of-pocket for things like deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. Eligibility is determined by the Department of Health and Welfare and to qualify, your income must fall within a certain range and you must enroll in a silver level health plan.

  • EHB: Essential Health Benefits

  • FSA: Flexible Spending Account

  • GA: Guaranteed Issue; a situation where a policy is offered to any eligible applicant without regard to health status.

  • HDHP: High Deductible Health (Insurance) Plan

  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability (&) Accountability Act

  • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization; gives access to certain doctors and hospitals within its network to utilize.

  • HRA: Health Reimbursement Account

  • HSA: Health Savings Account

  • IPN: Independent Provider Network

  • LIS: Low Income Subsidy

  • LOCC: Letter of Credible Coverage

  • MAPD: Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug

  • MSA: Medical Savings Account

  • OEP: Open Enrollment Period

  • PCP: Primary Care Physician

  • PDP: Prescription Drug Plan

  • PHI: Protected health information

  • PPO: Preferred Provider Organization, gives relative freedom to choose which doctors and hospitals they want to utilize.

  • SEP: Special Enrollment Period

  • SNP: Special Needs Plan