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All About Joski Insurance

"Adding Value, Building Relationships, and Sharing Opportunities"

Where We Came From:

Just like many current Idaho residents, the owners of Joski Insurance, Cal and Jill Joski, are not Idaho natives. Cal and Jill moved from Wisconsin to Star, Idaho in 2008. Before moving to Idaho, they owned and ran a furniture business in Roberts, Wisconsin. Upon arrival in Idaho Cal started working as a Health Insurance agent for a large private insurance company. In 2009 Cal and Jill decided to open their own insurance agency, Joski Insurance. The business was small at first but their deep passion for customer service and providing clear and dependable guidance to their clients resulted in many more clients seeking their guidance.

In 2014 they opened an office in Star, ID. Since then, they have recruited a whole team of agents and staff to help them grow this business.


Where We're Going:

We are a full-service agency that seeks to provide exceptional customer service to all our members. Through this dedicated service and industry knowledge and expertise, we intend on expanding our operations to continue to serve clients from not just Idaho but across the United States! We are always looking to grow our business and serve our clients in the best way we can!

We are here to help you.

Any Questions?