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All About Joski Insurance

"Adding Value, Building Relationships, Sharing Opportunities"

Who We Are:

Joski Insurance members are often taken back at our straightforward approach to insurance. In our experience, the real challenge lies in seeing the big picture and analyzing all the working parts. By simply asking questions and listening to their answers, we can provide relief to our clients in times of often undeniable and overwhelming change.  It is through these concerns and fears that we are able to help our members navigate through the fog, and clarify their needs to meet their anticipated coverage requirements and budget constraints.

We feel fortunate to do this work; we are able to help people from all walks of life who are seeking answers to questions that at times can be overwhelming.

We help young families,  business owners, seniors, and professionals balance their budget requirements to provide security and peace of mind, manage the risks of family and debt, and frankly “life”. We are privileged to see the diligence and the commitment you make to doing what is right by asking questions and seeking value.

Where We Came From:

Starting in 1990, Cal and Jill Joski have been in the customer service business together. Starting "The Country Store" and selling amish furniture in Roberts, Wisconsin. In 2008, they left their farm and the cold to settle in Star, Idaho. Cal started working as a Health Insurance agent for a private insurance company. He decided to open his own business, in 2009 Joski Insurance started. The business was small at first but Jill and Cal's approach to health insurance was different. They cared and it wasn’t fake, so more people started to seek their guidance.

In 2014 Cal and Jill got their office open in Star, Idaho. Also opened a location in Jerome, Idaho and expanded their office in Star. They have made sure to be a full service insurance company to be with people through every step of the process.

Where We're Going:

It is awesome to see the results of good decision’s, that client’s circumstances are dramatically improved because they made the best decision for their situation. We know we are successful when clients call and are happy with the dignity and respect from the reduced burden financially they encounter because of the right decision’s they made. We know that following through, we provide the value, the relationships and opportunities that fulfill some many more dreams and hopes for tomorrow.

Contact Our Office:

If you are looking for a relationship, to build value and opportunity to improve your next insurance purchase, contact our office today for a no-cost, no-obligation, one-on-one meeting.

Call today at (208) 286-7883 , or simply stop by our office!  We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and assist in your insurance needs!




STAR, ID 83669