Meet the Joski Insurance Agent Team

Cal Joski

“Hey there, Boss”.
Native to Wisconsin, Idaho has been home for the last 20 years. Cal is the Boss at Joski Insurance, co-owner with his wife, Jill. You will soon find out you’re the Boss when you’re talking to Cal. You’ll find his immediate family working along side him at the office and if you’re lucky, you may see his grandkids when they visit. Specializing in Medicare and ACA, Cal is a passionate Patriot, just as passionate about helping others. He has years of knowledge and experience to help you pick Insurance that is right for your needs. Rarely will you can find Cal out of the office, but if you do, he is probably unplugged from the world, grilling, baking some delicious Christmas cookie recipes, and likes to spend time in the mountains, biking or skiing with family.

Jill Joski

The wife of Cal Joski and is the boss of the boss at Joski Insurance. Native to Wisconsin, Cal and Jill are no strangers to family businesses, having owned a farm with “The Country Store” selling Amish furniture, they really enjoy community. Fast forward to today in Star, Idaho and they have a love for putting family and clients first and road trips are no exception. You can find Jill anywhere from Burley to Weiser, Idaho for sharing her wealth of knowledge about Medicare. Insurance has been a passion of Jill’s and is willing to go the extra mile to make her clients feel like family. Enjoys spending time with her grandkids and gardening. Jill is an artist, from her beautiful handmade quilts to her incredible cooking. 

Jeffrey Joski

The son of Cal Joski, and the next generation leadership of Joski Insurance. Minnesota born and raised, Jeffrey has a background with photography, creative design, has a bachelors in horticulture, also has a license with selling Real Estate. Jeffrey gave Joski Insurance an inspiring identity adding in the business logo the pine tree, representing establishing roots with Health Insurance. Jeffrey has been an Agent for 10 years, knowledgeable in Medicare, ACA and Groups, understanding the importance of family and helping others get the best coverage for their specific needs has been his specialty. If Staff or an Agent has a question they seek Jeffrey to help. You will find Jeffrey at our Star office location, but when he isn’t in the office with appointments you’ll find him at a seminar, giving presentations around the Boise area. When Jeffrey isn’t working, you’ll find him with his wife, dog and 2 young daughters being adventurous in the great outdoors. Exploring, skiing or hiking with a camera capturing Idahos beauty is a few things they like doing.

Julia Joski 

Julia has grown up around her parents selling Health Insurance out of their home in 2009. She became a licensed Agent in 2020 and has recently decided to take a break from selling Insurance in 2023, she will still be present behind the scenes at Joski Insurance as she’s taking a step back to focus on a new venture. Enjoys skiing, concerts, photography, riding horses on early weekend mornings.

Brenda Noe

Brenda is a Sweet, Idaho native. Her history in Assisted Living and Insurance before joining Joski, makes her an all around plan expert! A long time friend of the Joski’s, Brenda has been a specialist with Joski Insurance since the start and happens to be a well known face in Emmett, Idaho. When she isn't making us all smile in our office, she's at the Emmett Senior Center ready to help the community she's so passionate about! You will find Brenda to be dedicated in building a long lasting friendship with any new face she meets. 

Randall McLaughlin

A native from SoCal, Randall comes with a history in customer service, with a background as a professional jeweler, Randall currently duals as a Real Estate Agent in the Treasure Valley. Randall is a dedicated Agent at our office and a friend of the Joski’s. You will find Randall to be driven, ambitious and is knowledgeable talking about any Health needs you may be interested in. You would find Randall giving presentations introducing Medicare at our Medicare 101 Seminars at our office just before Annual Enrollments begin. In the off season of Annual Enrollments, Randall is spending quality time with his wife and four teenagers/young adults enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking, playing guitar, exploring as much of the Pacific Northwest as much as possible.