Meet the Joski Insurance Team

Calvin Joski is the brains of Joski Insurance, and the go-to guy in the community for all questions related to insurance. He and his wife, Jill Joski, live not far from their office in Star, ID. Calvin is passionate and outspoken about helping others, and goes to great lengths to ensure clients -- both his and others -- can get the coverage they need. Little-known is that he's also an extraordinary chef, and creates all matter of wonderful confections during the holiday season.

Jill Joski is the boss of the boss here at Joski Insurance, and is often on the road meeting with clients out of the office. In addition to handling Medicare insurance, Jill also handles Life insurance. Not constrained to just insurance, she also enjoys Mary Kay sales, and is a longtime quilter. When she isn't busy with work, her time is spent supporting her daughter's sports teams at away games.

Jeffrey Joski is the son of Calvin Joski, and spends much of the work week at our main office in Star. When he isn't in the office, it's usually due to having been chosen to present a local seminar, due to his winning smile and personality. In addition to Medicare and Individual insurance, Jeff also has a Realtor's license to sell houses. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and is an avid photographer.

Brenda Noe is a longtime friend of the Joski family, and a well-known face throughout Emmett. She spends a lot of time at the Senior Center, getting to know those who frequent there, and is always more than happy to strike up a conversation with anyone she meets.


 Fred May is a veteran of healthcare insurance and the agency's senior agent. His focus is Medicare insurance, and as a beneficiary himself has great interest in understanding the ins-and-outs of any and all plans available. He's still charismatic and active for his agent, even presenting plans at seminars during Annual Enrollment Period. He likes to play tennis in his downtime, and often attends art exhibits to support his wife, who's a professional painter. You can view some of her artwork at this link here!

Randall McLaughlin is one of our newest agents with a long history in customer service outside the health insurance business. He comes from a long line of professional jewelers, and worked for a time as a real estate agent before joining our agency to sell Individual, Medicare, Group, and Accident Insurance. When he's not busy with work, he's spending time with his for children or enjoying as much time outdoors camping, hiking, mountain biking, or exploring as possible.