July 2020 Newsletter



July is UV Safety Awareness Month, and since we are in "The year of Vision, 20/20," let's focus on those eyes!



What you don't know CAN hurt you.

  • 49% of US Adults don't know that UV exposure increases the likelihood of cataract formation.
  • 43% don’t know that UV exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid.
  • 36% don’t know that eyes can be sunburned.

Now that YOU know, find your coolest pair of sunnies and prevent UV-related eye damage by making them part of your everyday “out-the-door” routine.

Also remember that UV rays are not limited to sunny days. Exposure on cloudy days can be very dangerous to unprotected eyes. To best protect vision, individuals should not think of sunglasses as just a sunny-summer-day’s necessity—they should be worn throughout the year, including overcast days.

Children also are particularly vulnerable to UV damage because they have larger pupils and clearer lenses, so no matter your age, find your shades.




Good Health tip of the month:
The Value of Venue During Exercise

I keep forgetting how great I feel every time I exercise outside until the next time I do it. Whether it's a planned workout like a run, or simply a vacation activity such as kayaking or riding bicycles with my children -- activities that I don't mentally categorize as a "workout" -- I feel invigorated and energized in a very different way than from my usual indoor routines.

"There are some significant differences when you exercise outside," explained exercise authority Liz Neporent, MA, CSCS, "though they have very little to do with calorie burning. Exercising outside is just more exciting and interesting. A rowing machine is just not going to be the same as rowing on the river. The movement on a machine is relatively predictable, but outdoors you're actually dealing with the elements -- with the sun on your face, with pretty landscape going by and with getting rocked by the water. Navigating the outdoor elements actually causes extra movement, which also makes it more of a challenge."

Plus you get your fill of vitamin D from the sun, which improves your energy, calcium management and mood.


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