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Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is becoming scarce as part of group insurance plans offered by employers, and seniors entering Medicare may be surprised to learn that dental care is no longer included. Before you reach into your wallet to shell out for dental coverage, though, be sure to consider the pros and cons of it.


If you or your family require expensive or extended dental treatment that goes beyond the cost of annual or biannual checkups and cleanings, you may benefit from the purchase. Looming concerns of root canals or orthodontics issues, or a history of cavities are examples of reasons you might pursue it.


Premium-based dental coverage in 2014 averaged anywhere from $228 to $384 annually, according to NADP estimates, and it shows no signs of a sharp decrease in cost. If your average expenditure on dental per year is below that, you may be better off with a savings account to pay for basic examinations and cleanings.

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