Common Insurance Terminology

Insurance Made Simple

We believe the better educated you are, the better decisions you'll be able to make about insurance. Below you will find a list of common insurance-related acronyms and their definitions.

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  • APTC: Advance Premium Tax Credit - A tax credit determined by the Department of Health and Welfare to lower the monthly cost of premiums for Insurance plans sold through Your Health Idaho.

  • CMS: Center (for) Medicare (& Medicaid) Services

  • CSR: Cost-sharing Reduction - A discount that lowers the amount you pay out-of-pocketfor things like deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. Eligibility is determined by the Department of Health and Welfare and to qualify, your income must fall within a certain range and you must enroll in a silver level health plan.

  • EHB: Essential Health Benefits
  • ESRD:  End Stage Renal Disease
  • FSA: Flexible Spending Account
  • GA: Guaranteed Issue; a situation where a policy is offered to any eligible applicant without regard to health status.
  • HDHP: High Deductible Health (Insurance) Plan
  • HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability (&) Accountability Act
  • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization; gives access to certain doctors and hospitals within its network to utilize.
  • HRA: Health Reimbursement Account
  • HSA: Health Savings Account
  • ICEP: Initial Coverage Enrollment Period
  • IEP: Initial Enrollment Period
  • IPN:  Independent Provider Network
  • LIS: Low Income Subsidy
  • LOA:  Licensed Agent Only
  • LOCC: Letter of Credible Coverage
  • LOR:  Letter of Record
  • MAPD: Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug
  • MGA:  Main General Agent
  • MPTC: Monthly Premium Tax Credit
  • MSA: Medical Savings Account
  • OEP:  Open Enrollment Period
  • OSB: Optional Supplemental Benefits
  • PAC:  Prior Authorization (Auto Pay)
  • PCP: Primary Care Physician
  • PDP: Prescription Drug Plan
  • PFFS: Private Fee For Service
  • PHI: Protected health information
  • PPACA: Patient Protection (&) Affordable Care Act
  • PPO: Preferred Provider Organization, gives relative freedom to choose which doctors and hospitals they want to utilize.
  • SEP: Special Enrollment Period
  • SNP: Special Needs Plan