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Regarding COVID-19 in Idaho

We want to thank you for being a valued part of Joski Insurance. As your Health Insurance adviser we want to make sure you have the right tools available as our country continues to deal with the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). We have had multiple customers reach out to our office to make sure they would be covered if they contracted the virus.

The answer is yes! The federal government has mandated that all COVID-19 testing will be done at no cost to the consumer, including the waiver of any copays with all credible health plans. Medical treatment will be covered as with any other illness.

As you have likely heard, one of the best ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 (and most communicable illnesses) is washing your hands regularly and to limiting interactions with large crowds of people or known to be ill. It's also important that if you believe yourself to be ill, you seek help from a qualified medical professional. If unable to leave your home for any reason, you may be interested in using virtual doctor services that are incorporated into most health plans. Telemedicine services such as these allow you to talk with a doctor over the phone, allowing you to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Below is a list of carriers that have provided us with their Telemedicine phone number for policyholders like you to contact:

Blue Cross of Idaho 
MedLive: 1844-2968784

MedLive: 1800-6434845

Regence Blue Shield of Idaho
MedLive: 1844-2968784

Connect Care will let you be screened by a provider via smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Health Answers Nurse Line: 844-501-6600

MedLive: 1888-673-1992

TeraDoc: 1888-688-2332

TeleSalud: 1888-275-8750 

We hope the information that we provided is another tool in your tool belt. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any more questions! We are more than happy to review your specific health plan coverages. 

We appreciate you and hope you have a healthy and safe next few months! Our office hours will be limited, but we will return your calls or emails within 24 hours during the weekday.

The Joski Insurance Team